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- Records LP "Herói do medo", released on Continental label.
- Does two years of Primal Therapy (Dr. Arthur Janov) in Los Angeles..
- Studies and later teaches at the Sidereal School of Astrology.

- Song, “It’s so obvious”, by Carlos and Kate Lyra, is recorded by Sergio Mendes: on the Mendes album, “Home Cooking” (originally released on the RCA label, now re-released in CD as Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77)

- Returns to Brazil and writes astrology book, "O Seu Verdadeiro Signo", published by Editora Codecri of "O Pasquim".

- Composes score for film "Amada Amante", directed by Claudio Cunha.

- Children’s musical, “O Dragão e a Fada”, re-opens in México City.

- Composes “Prelúdio nº 1 - Opus Único - O Círculo” for “O Círculo”, a Kate Lyra short subject film. (Music for score is performed by Luizinho Eça).
- Composes incidental music for the play, “Órfãos de Jânio”, by Millôr Fernandes. The play opens in Rio de Janeiro the following year.

- Writes score for musical, "Vidigal", play by Millôr Fernandes based on the book, "Memórias de um Sargento de Milícias" by Manoel Antonio de Almeida.
- Children’s musical, "O Dragão e a Fada", running since 1970 in Mexico City, is included in the official repertoire of Mexican Theatre.

- Composes with Paulo César Pinheiro: “Auto de São Jorge Guerreiro”, “Fecho de ouro”, “Descanso do guerreiro”, “Pelo bem da vida”, among others.

- Musical, "Vidigal", opens at the Teatro João Caetano with Renata Fronzi, Guilherme Karam, Cristina Santos and large cast.
- Writes lyrics in Portuguese for Julio Iglesias.

- Composes, together with Paulo César Pinheiro, songs for the musical, "As Primícias" by Dias Gomes,
- Composes music for a lyric by Dolores Duran, "O Negócio é Amar".

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