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Musical by Maria Clara Machado

Music by Carlos Lyra


Maroquinhas Fru-Fru - A helpless blond
Cosme – policeman
Damião – policeman in love with Maroquinhas
Dona Bolandina – neighbor and Maroquinhas’ rival
Eulálio Cruzes – in love with Maroquinhas, a sexton in his spare time
Ubaldino Pepitas – pharmacist, a nasty character
Família Flôres – old maids: Dona Florisbela, Dona Florentina and Dona Florzinha
Honestino – the baker
Padarina – his wife
Petrônio Leite – the milkman
Zé Botina de Andrade Sapatos – the shoemaker.


The story takes place in the town square of any little village. Several windows open onto the square. In one of these houses lives Maroquinhas Fru-Fru and her window is surrounded by a balcony filled with flowers. On the right side of the square is a pool with a park bench, the stage for several scenes. The drama revolves around a cake contest with all the accompanying spying, gossip and trickery and around the love triangle formed by Maroquinhas, Damião and the Sexton.

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