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Composer Carlos Lyra has spent the better part of his life dedicated to new and revolutionary concepts. Having a special role in the revision of BOSSA NOVA itself, changing it from the “music of apartments” into Brazilian Popular Music.

With this profile, and with his long interest in Astrology, it is not unusual that he should wind up participating in a proposal that would revolutionize even the “music of the spheres”, and even “Brazilian Popular Astrology”. It was during his stay in Los Angeles in 1974, where he had gone to do Primal Therapy, that, through the Sidereal School of Astrology, he learned of Sidereal Astrology discovered by the Irish astrologer and astronomer Cyril Fagan. Based on astronomical precepts, Mr. Fagan reviewed Traditional Astrology and, to the alarm of all, concluded that the signs of 30% of all people are wrong!

AYANAMSA is the name in Sanskrit that defines the difference between Traditional Astrology and Sidereal Astrology. In this book, the author relates and demonstrates the astronomical error which occurs in Traditional Astrology, in addition to furnishing the reader with a description of the zodiac signs according to the statistical observations of astronomers/astrologers of Antiquity, such as Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Kepler etc...

In particular, it focuses on the mythology of Ancient Egypt from whence come the origin of the names of the constellations that, in turn, gave origin to the names of the signs of the Zodiac, by making reference (with illustrations) to the Egyptian gods, where it appears that the Greeks made associations between their mythology and that of Egypt or made associations that the Egyptians themselves made between their divinities and the astrology that they knew.

Ancient populations guided themselves by the nocturnal movements of the stars, and it was the trajectory of the Moon through the constellations that gave the division of the Zodiac into twelve signs, as well as the different names and ideograms attributed to them – all based on natural events related to the economy of the Nile Valley.

Thus was chosen, for example, the symbol of the Scorpion for the constellation that appeared during the month of April (in the northern hemisphere) when the deadly wind, KHAMSIN brought with it, in addition to the pestilent tons of sand – coming from the Sahara

Desert – hordes of scorpions that infested the region. This is the worst month of the year that brings the plague as well as other illnesses. However, it has nothing to do with the dangerous, traitorous characteristics usually attributed to those born under this sign.

Because of the Inquisition, the stars were frozen and the sky became static. Since then, Traditional Astrology has been basing its studies on this sky without taking into consideration the movements of the Earth and of the heavenly bodies throughout all these years. As professor, astronomer and pilot Linneu Hoffmann explains in his Preface, “…the Sun is no longer found in the constellations of the same name and yes, with rare, minimal exceptions, in the previous constellation due to a phenomenon know as the Precession of the Equinoxes which is the movement of oscillation that the Earth makes on its axis…” Linneu Hoffmann synthesizes saying that “Sidereal Astrology, which takes into consideration the correct positioning of the Sun in the zodiac’s constellations, is more coherent with astronomic precepts…”

In his deposition, astronomer Ronaldo Perseke says that “Since the most remote eras, Astrologers reach toward the stars with the effort of uniting the clock of the Macro Cosmos with that of the Micro-Cosmos, forming a link in the Universe. Therefore the book "AYANAMSA", by Carlos Lyra is one more piece in the Great Work of the infinite search for self-knowledge.”

Prefaced by two astronomers, Carlos Lyra receives a unique support that only reinforces the seriousness of the study of Sidereal Astrology.
In the last chapter separated by signs, the author makes a resume of all the days of each sign with a list of celebrities and their individual birth dates. There, the reader can know who was born on the same day and even discover similarities with these celebrities. Naturally each sign is treated generically, with each individual needing to do his astrological chart based on his date and hour of birth in order to obtain a profile of his personality, tendencies, etc…

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