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Tom Jobim

Carlos Lyra, or, to be more exact, Carlos Eduardo Lyra Barbosa, elegant even in name.
Great melodist, draftsman, harmonist, the king of rhythm, of the design, the jiggle, the "ginga", the see-saw sway, the prance of the dance of the lyra.
Lyrist and lyricist, a romantic emanating endearment, never weepy, syrupy, saccharine, silly. Formidable composer.
Lyrus, son of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and of Beauty from Greek mythology.
His sambas and songs will live on because of their quality, delicacy, and depth, as long as there is music.
Você e eu, Primavera, Minha namorada, Marcha da quarta-feira de cinzas, Coisa mais linda, Maria Moita, Samba do Carioca, these are a few of the songs with Vinícius.
Lobo bobo, Saudade fez um samba, Canção que morre no ar, Se é tarde me perdoa, among others, with Ronaldo Bôscoli.
Carlos, is also an excellent lyricist and has a vast repertoire of songs written in partnership with himself, such as Maria Ninguém, Influência do Jazz, Quando chegares, Ciúme, and many others.
I have had the privilege of orchestrating several of Carlos Lyra's songs for João Gilberto. All beautiful, unforgettable.
Carlos Lyra is unique, unpaired and unmatchable.
An enormous embrace from Antonio, who is also Carlos.
And as the poet Carlos (Drummond) said, "And since it has become trite to be modern, I will now become immortal".

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