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Carlos Drummond de Andrade

The family Lyra,
that the poet admires,
is enchanting.
makes music,
divine green grocer.
Makes art and shares
with ingenuity and art.
Carlos plucks the lyra
and is also astrologer.
Rectifies the signs,
clarify doubts.
I, Scorpion?

I always suffered much
for being yoked
to this damnation
of the evil little creature.

Carlos helps me,
and puts me in Libra.
Thank you, friend!
Thank you, Kate,
Who instead of a cornbread
makes a sweet cake,
a thousand tidbits,
which more exquisite,
multiple flavors,
indescribable pleasures
of celestial gluttony.
Obrigado, Carlos,
Obrigado, Kate!
To the family Lyra
all my love.
Carlos, from Itabira

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